Quality control

A strict QC program is one of the most important part of our product process to make sure that each piece of product is in compliance with international quality standards and safety rules.

Our system of quality control gives us the confidence to guarantee that all products are checked by our standards.
From raw material to finished product, the quality control and hands-on steps ensure that each finished piece is perfectly assembled.

Raw Materials

Our Quality Control process begins with the rolls of fabric as they arrive at the warehouse. We randomly inspect incoming fabric for colour consistency, flaws in manufacture before being released into production.


In the cutting room, fabric is visually inspected before the cutting process and any flawed sections are removed. During cutting, only a certain number of pieces are cut at once, for precision.

Once cut, the various jacket parts are collected in bins and transferred to work stations. As bundles are made, pieces are checked for quality of cut and fabric

The pieces proceed through assembly stations for lamination, embroidery, seam sealing, zipper and drawcord attachment, where they are individually handled and inspected by operators who are responsible and accountable for the quality of their work. All finishing pieces: drawcord, grommets, snaps, cuff tabs and toggles are attached by hand, and each craftsperson visually inspects each component before assembly.

In addition in-line checks are randomly done on assembled components. By this time, many individual parts are been inspected several times, by various operators and quality control personnel.

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